MLC Daylight Trip
From March 3rd-10th, we are blessed to have three students from Martin Luther College (MLC) with us. MLC is our church body's worker training school, training our young men and women who are eager for the public ministry of the gospel as pastors or teachers.

Part of their training is found in "field work" outside of the classroom. While the students have certain required courses and early field training that is requiered, MLC also offers extra opportunities outside of what is required, and many of these opportunites come through the Daylight program, where students are able to go to churches all over the country to gain more experience in gospel ministry and outreach.

The Springs has hosted several groups from MLC in the past, and we are looking forward to the same this year. May God bless our continued work with the gospel message!

If you would like to read about some of the students' experiences on different daylight trips, click here to go to MLC's Daylight website.